EBEC trip- Prague, Milan- Expo, Spain, Portugal

Wednesday 29/7

First night of my trip I spend with guys on Techsquat Prague, we were talking about our business (selling t-shirts, mosquito nets, accomodation, etc.) We spend at least two hours on this topic and after we switch to Service design, IDEO company and this type of topic. Vlky introduced us Mrs. Applova, first czech lady who was designer for IDEO, Apple, Microsoft and other big companies. We read some articles about her and we watched video about her.

Thursday 30/7

I took the bus from Prague railway station to Prague airport and I was waiting there for such a long time (2 hours). I had nothing to do there so I made some business calls, answered for some E-mails. Afterward steward came to me and ask me to measure dimensions of my bag. Wizzair has 3 kind of bags (small- free, medium- paid, large- paid). Basically I wanted to have the smallest but in real I had medium. But I squeeze my medium to small and I did have to pay. :)

I have not expected anything from Milano, and also from the first view I did not like this city. I walked around some places, nothing special. But I explored one panarama expo hall, which was amazing, the video was recorded by 360 camera and it was screened also to 360°. I saw the best of italy in 15 minutes with amazing music. I hope one day the Czech will have the same type of video, it was really impressive.

I love watching people and traveling alone is really good opportunity how to do that. Sometimes I had typical feeling from traveling alone, no people around me, to much thinking.

International hostel is OK, everything clear, price 22 EUR with breakfast.


Friday 31/7/15

I woke up early in the morning, working for half an hour and went for the breakfast, which was included in 22 EUR/ night at hostel.

Journey from hostel to Expo takes about 40 minutes, but good thing it is only one line (M1, red). I was waiting for friend who gave me a discounted tickets. Because normal price is 32 EUR. Gates opened at 10 AM but people were waiting there from 9. I got my from my friend with suggested places (he is working there for 2 months and he knows a lot about expo in Milan). He circled the most interesting pavilions, but I could not visit all of them. In total there are 152 countries. First day I visited about 10 different about I have to go there also next day. The most interesting were shows which said some story about their country. It is much better as just show with some things. The best was Izrael, United emirates and Kazakhstan (yellow and blue flag) . Expo surprised of that size, it is huge and incredible. I have to check what the point of this event is. But it is definitely good reason to come there for inspiration for traveling or if you cannot travel to explorer small examples of the countries. The best think what happed today is that I took about 30 pictures and in the end of the day I realized my SD had not workedL. So I lost all pictures.

Saturday 1/8

I woke up with next 7 travelers in the same bed as last morning, I had again great breakfast and I went with all my staff to Expo. My plan was visit pavilions what I had not visited day before and go to da Vinci museum. The expo impressed me again and I did not go to city center. I stayed there whole day and the best was Switzerland, they were focused on nature and on videos from nature. Really amazing. I walked around many times and in the afternoon started raining. I tried to spend the most of the time inside especially 1 hour of waiting in line for Italian house. Staff inside was nice, but for one hour of waiting it was so good.

I received invitation from my friend from Erasmus in UK, but I had to decline, because the last bus went at 10 PM and we set time for dinner at 8:30 PM so late. Maybe next time.

This night I am spending at the airport Milano Bergamo, as I follow the reviews it is one of the worst airports in the world. So we will see. If it is the last post on my blog I will not alive! :-(

Sunday 2.8.

I live but with some complications. Security guys move all people from whole airport to arrival area and everyone have to stay there. I expected something worst, but it was OK. At 3o´clock cleaning staff started working and I moved to check-in. I found my gate and build my campsite :-D. Towel on the floor, bags under my head, put cover on my eyes and go to sleep in empty hall. Some noise woke me up after 2 hours and hall was full of people, I put down my cover and 4 eyes were watching on me J. I make a smile and they too.

After 3 hours flight I set time and place for pick me up by blabla car. After one and half hour of waiting I realized I booked blablacar with wrong date. I took bus and wanted to leave city as soon as possible. The city called Santiago de Compostela, which is one of the famous city in Spain and I did no. My friend there last year for 4 weeks hike. It is really nice city with historical background. I missed one bus to porto, so I walked though city and explored. I went to highway for hitchhiking and waiting more as one hour without any success. I met the other hitchhiker who were waiting there for 2,5 hours. He was Slovak, Europe is small. We left HH and try to go for bus (after call we realized they had only 3 seats left). We did not put there too much attention to have possibly achieve Porto that day. But we went to bus stop, asked and we received 2 tickets. :-D we were so lucky.


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