Tatra Mountains

We visited Western Tatras and High Tatras for 2 days. Rohace Spalena, Strebske pleso and Tatranska Lomnica were our destinations. Slovakia surprised me with great conditions of snow and weather.

I got call from my dad on Thursday evening. Pack your stuff and next early morning we are going to Slovak Mountains.

4:45 alarm clock, jump into the car and at 10 we were in Rohace.  We book an accommodation at Pension Milotin. Price was 30 EUR/ twin room/ private bathroom.  Which one of the cheapest in the region. From there we went 8 km to Ski resort Spalena Rohace. There are 5 lifts, but only two chair lifts. 2 good slopes and that is all for 20 EUR. But the view and conditions are pretty good. Lets say Rohace is great spot for good price, especially for Ski alpinists.

WP_20160318_004Spalena Rohace Spalena Rohace skialp

Next day High Tatras

We realized we close to High Tatras and we put to our GPS Strbske pleso (World championship place in 1970), it show us more as one hour away. We came there and pay 6 EUR for parking, which is quite a lot. We were skiing there for 3 hours and got bored from 2 good slopes for 30 EUR. We change our spot, we drove to Tatranska Lomnica.

It was great decision, no wind, blue and 70 cm of snow. Ticket from Strbske pleso was open to Tatranska Lomnica, we could not pay extra money for new ticket. :) Check the pictures.

High Tatras Tatranska lomnica  Tatranska lomnica Tatranska lomnica Tatranska lomnica

Some local guys said: „I am going there for 25 years, and this weather I saw only 3 times in my life.“

That confirms that we were lucky about this weekend.


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