The Swiss experience

Because I love mountains and chocolate I tasted a bit of Switzerland!

I had about 10 days in my calendar and got an invitation from my friend Gabi to visit Switzerland. I offered a ride on Blabla car and 2 passengers applied to share the journey with me. So since I’d had 2 more people in the car, I couldn’t cancel the trip!:)


I stayed the first night on the way to Switzerland at Techsquat Prague. My friends prepared an amazing spicy dinner and we had conversations about startups and the philosophy of Tinder. :-D


The next day I picked up the passengers and the 8-hour ride went very quickly.

The first trip was to the Zermat area, a 5-lake hike. The weather forecast reported no rain, so we went to the Zermat area from my friend’s house in the late evening. We arrived there at about 11pm, got into sleeping bags, and slept in my car. We woke up with a beautiful view of Matterhorn and other peaks.


dsc00621 dsc00627

We started in a village called Tasch (1200 MSL), then walked to Zermat (everyone else takes the train, but we wanted walk there). Then everyone took a cable up to the hill. But we climbed. :-D


On the way to our peak at about 3,100m we saw 4 lakes, many tourists going down, but we were going up. It was late afternoon and we realised that if we continued our hike, we would come back to the valley in the dark. Luckily we met some Chinese people who were going to the cottage in 2500 MLS. We called there and they said that it was the last days of the season and they had beds and food for us.


We had an amazing dinner (soup, salad, main course, dessert) and great Swiss red wine.

In the morning we left at sunrise and caught the view of Matterhorn, but its peak was in cloud. After 2 hours we climbed the next 600m and reached our point.

dsc00708dsc00686dsc00705 dsc00716

On the way back we enjoyed amazing views. We came to Gabi´s house, had dinner, and totally tired went to bed.

The 2nd half of the trip

I packed all my stuff on Monday morning and almost without any plan went to Lauasane. I promised myself that I would work at least 3 days a week during my travels. So I found a workplace in Lausane, it cost about 35CHF (EUR) per day, but the first day was free trial. I found a very nice Work and share one. The people and facilities were nice there.

dsc00737 dsc00739

In the late evening I went to a village in the mountains called Lenk, arrived around 10:30, park the car, and sleep in the car. I hit a bit of trouble, because it was only 0°C in the morning and I got cold during the night.

In the morning I visited the tourist center, asked about 5-hour hikes, and was reccommended to use a lift. It cost about 50CHF, so I decided to walk from 1,000 to 2,000 MLS. And only this took me 3 hours. So a 5-hour hike became a 10-hour hike.:-D On the way to the peak I met a Swiss couple who told me that they would stay at a ,mountain hut. So I went there with them. The price was 68CHF, but with the Alpine club discount it was only 58CHF (dinner and breakfast included). There about 16 of us there and we had quite a nice chat.

dsc00751 dsc00755 dsc00753

I woke up last in the room, but left first. It was an easy 3-hour walk back to the car. After the hike I went to a restaurant to work on my projects for some hours and then went to the most beautiful city in Switzerland – Bern. I spent only 3 hours tasting the atmosphere there.


I spent my last night at my friend Marcel’s house. We cooked a nice vegetarian dinner, had a hot wine, and talked about our lives a lot.


To sum up my trip:

Beautiful country, everything in it expensive compared to the rest of Europe, great mountains, and I will come back. And it may be be soon, because I have at least one business idea which fits the Swiss market well.

What do you think? Do you want to know all my business ideas from every single country? ☺ If yes, let me know, and I’ll share my ideas in the next blog post. ☺

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  1. Jimmy napsal:

    Yes Busi I want to know about all your business ideas! Your trip looked amazing I am still going to write you up a places to see in Melbourne to try and convince you to visit. Melbourne is cheaper than Switzerland haha. What Camera did you use? The photos look so good.

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